Saturday, June 2, 2018

Relational Framework N-back Explanation (English)

Explanation (You can use notime (default)  take your time to answer!):

You can use to know first relational framework part. 

if you have 

1) cat is the same as dog
dog is opposite to pencil

dog is pencil Answer -> false

2) pencil is more than cat
cat is more than dog

pencil is more than dog Answer -> true

if you know how to do relational framework part. Then you have the n-back explanation:

In the less or more operation the app select the maximus element  (in the upper example (2) pencil) . in the same/opposite operation if is the green color word is the same as the last element the app select the green word else the last element of the chain is selected (in the upper example (1) the App selects cat)  noTime: Use the app without time limitations

I do not know if you can raise your iq with relational framework. see this ->!topic/brain-training/8VvHobv_khA
In the case of relational framework n-back I think that my mental processing speed is slow (i do not practice very much this training) i can not answer in less than 4 second therefore i do not know if is this training a good working memory training. If you can process a relational framework in or 3 i think you can do a working memory training.

I think you can improve  your focus and mental visualization with The loci method and with faces and names memorization


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