Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rapid memory N-back de Memoria Rápida

Here a study that claim that n-back task improve working memory in 30% and memory Span task improve 15%. What if we do a combination of the two tasks?

The technique consists in using the major system and the eidetic memory

1) convert the first 8 digits in 4 words. First you would have to be able to read 100 digits (50 words) in 40 seconds.
2) Then you use the eidetic memory to see the last 8 digits or less according your personal configuration. You need to expand the peripheral vision.

How to increase your eidetic memory:
How increase peripheral vision?

3)The 2 digit selected in binary are visualized example: (82: phone). If you have time you can do an association with the previous 2 digits. (example phone hit a fish)

Here my Web App to train peripheral vision: (a Web App based on the official App used in this Memory Competition and this alternative competition


Example with 12 digits

convert to words  eidetic

      23 44 55 23     45
            |                 13
     00 11 00 00 00

44(rower) is selected to a common n-back task

You practice speed reading, Major System, Eidetic Memory, working memory, mental image visualization, n-back and spatial memory.

Mr n-back have support for Tricky Stymuls (Interference)
trying to emulate n +-1/(n-back+1) instead of novel/ totally random stimuli
Increased parietal activity after training of interference control High interference led to partial improvements in the Attention Network Test (ANT This suggest that training on an interference control task leads to higher electrophysiological activity in the parietal cortex, which may be related to improvements in processing speed, attentional control, or both.

Link of the Web App for Desktop Computer (free):

Source code:

Note: You can put your own numbers position in [custom config]  on top options in the main screen.

My progress

With two days of training i do 2-back task with 67% with 14 digit-span.
With one week i can do 3-back  47% 14 digit-span and 2-back 67% 16-digit span .

What do you think? Thanks!

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  1. Gracias, hace tiempo practiqué dual n-back, pero lo dejé por algunos papers que leí sin darle mucho "soporte".Leí el último de Hopkins, ese link es para practicar working memory y memory Span task? Muchas gracias crack :)